Stock Investor Insights: Power to the Small-Cap Companies

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  Power to the Small-Cap Companies 12/14/2016
by Nicholas Vardy
The prospect of lower taxes, less regulations and easier borrowing have brought the rain down on a drought in the small-cap field. Follow these top three picks to get in on the small-cap bloom....  
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by Bryan Perry
Amidst the massive sector rotations, a few of the world-class stocks have not gone along with the rally. Now may just be the perfect time look to add them to your portfolio at a bargain....  
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As recent market activity has shown, there is lots of optimism surrounding the fast-approaching Trump presidency. Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump preached lower taxes and fewer regulations… but all of that will mean nothing come April 15th of 2017. After that day, a law that will quietly take effect, and begin to tax millions of Americans up to 50% of their wealth! Luckily, one top-20 living economist has uncovered…...  
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by Karn Brij
The real estate market is one area where uncertainty thrives. Weigh the risks and gains of these different real estate plays with our detailed analysis....  
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by Tim McPartland
With the markets anticipating an interest rate hike, find out if now is a good time to get into these preferred shares, as well as how fixed- and floating-rate coupons will affect your portfolio in different ways....  
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